Polyvore Outfits for Icons: Jackie, Frida, Josephine, & Patti

You would think that trying to create Polyvore homages to four widely recognized fashion icons would be simple, but I found the difficulty of pinning down and adequately expressing each woman’s style increased in direct proportion to how plainly they dressed. For example, Josephine Baker’s flapper-ware was a snap to pull together. Patti Smith’s proto-punk […]

Generation XX

Gen. X Celebrities I Love and Loathe

We will always have polarizing celebrities with us, but it seems the 90s gifted us with an extra batch of kooky, weird misfits. Before I begin gleefully ripping on people, my usual disclaimer: I’m Gen. Y, I didn’t experience most of these people/their work at the height of their fame, and also sometimes I’m kind […]