Three Facts You Didn’t Know about Fast Food in Victorian London

What’s the first thing we jump to when we think of so-called “fast food” in late Victorian London? Fish and chips, right? And of course there are always the vendors who sold fruit such as oranges and apples to passersby who got the munchies. But here are three types of Victorian ready-made food vendors you […]


My Vegan Ethical Education in Four Books

Organizing my books after a recent move, I revisited my ethical education in animal rights. When I first began studying animal rights and veganism, I grabbed every book I could get my hands on to further understand the issues involved and inform my activism. Below is a brief overview of four of the books I […]


San Fransisco Passes Ban on Fast Food Toys

The Board of Supervisors in San Fransisco has passed legislation forbidding toys to be packaged with fast food meals high in fat, calories and/or sodium content.  Deceptively called “The Happy Meal Ban”, this measure wants to remove the extra incentive  provided by the crappy toys that come with kids’ meals.