7 Questions

6 Questions for Our Witty Commenters

We lollygagged on getting a proper fella in the door to answer our questions, so tonight it’s your turn, readers! Share your answers to the first 6 of our 7 questions in the comments below.  (The seventh is the Mad Lib question, it doesn’t really work here…)

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: 1/14 UPDATE: Now with more Peanuts Dance

It’s Friday! Everybody do the Peanuts dance! Unless you’re at your desk and your boss wouldn’t look kindly on such behavior.  Here at Persephone, a sportsmanlike Peanuts dance is part of the interview process.  Speaking of interviews, today’s lunchtime poll wants to know about your worst job interview experience. 

Just for Fun

The Thursday Caption: Make Me a Meme

If ever a fella needed meme-ified, it’s the guy behind the cut.  I found him on, home of all sorts of delightful free images.  Wow me with you wit, readers!

We try it!

We Try It: Lady Yogurt

We’ve all seen the commercials.   There’s an apparent epidemic stagnation crisis in ladycolons across America, but Jamie Lee Curtis is on the case.  In the spirit of ladysisterhood, we tried the lady yogurt.  We held our heads high in the checkout lane, as the 17 year old fella behind the register asked if it worked […]