Persephone Pioneers

Persephone Pioneers: Paige Weldon

Paige Weldon is a Los Angeles-based comedian and co-founder of the comedy website, The Higgs Weldon. I came across her work after recently following her on Twitter. I would describe her comedy as insightful, witty, awkward, and smart. Just the way I like it!


Badass Ladies of History: Jackie “Moms” Mabley

“Wouldn’t y’all vote for me to be president? That’s right, I can’t make it no worse! If Elizabeth can run England, I can run America. What has she got that I didn’t use to have and can’t get again, that’s what I want to know.” ““ Moms Mabley

Pop Culture

Women in Comedy: Haters Gonna Hate

In the past twenty years, Comedy Central and humorous websites like FunnyorDie have steadily climbed in popularity and name recognition, giving new credence to the ambitious goals of men and women who faithfully pay their dues at comedy clubs. Unlike comedians of yesteryear, who generally started out in television or film, several stand-up comedians, Louis […]