This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny is The Tits

If there was ever a week to remember not to read the comments, it was this week. So much concern for Angelina Jolie’s boobs! And did you know feminism is to blame for gonorrhea and cheating husbands, while also being over? Neither did I! (Trigger warnings for the usual suspects apply.)


The Mystique of the Girl Geek

I’ve always called myself a “girl geek” or a “nerd girl.” In the strange mix of sci-fi,  grammar obsession, zombie movies, computer parts, and feminism that is my brain, it’s recently floated to the surface that maybe I should take a look at those labels.

Pop Culture

Why I Play As Male Characters in Games

My first video game was Mario Brosâ„¢.  The era of 8-bit graphics and my really young age are probably the reason why I did not care about playing a male protagonist. The game story is rather easy: Peach, the token girlfriend, was kidnapped by Bowser, and Mario the Plumber had to save her. He searched […]