The Power of Being a Promiscuous Woman

I have had sex with 37 men. Whether or not this qualifies as being promiscuous in the modern age is up for debate, but suffice it to say that I’ve had enough sex with enough men that I’ve forgotten some of their names (assuming I ever knew them).


Badass Ladies of History: Carrie Chapman Catt

I have to admit never having heard of this badass lady until she was a clue on Jeopardy! the other day. The clue said she founded The League of Women Voters and I thought to myself, “Hey! She sounds like a badass lady!”  So I did a little research, and it turns out, she was!


First Feminist Mentors

The title of this might be a little bit of a mischaracterization, since I actually had many feminist mentors in my life from an early age, even if I (or they) didn’t realize it at the time.  The teacher in this story may not consider herself a feminist, for all I know, but this situation […]


Women Who Love Books and the Men Who Love Them

The Mister and I have a pretty set routine.  After the kids go to bed, we watch TV while he reads the internet and I do crafty crap.  It’s not terribly exciting, but it’s how we decompress at the end of the day.  Lately I’ve noticed that Persephone has become a regular stop on his […]

A Womb of One's Own

A Womb of One’s Own

               I know that we, as feminists, are supposed to accept everyone based on their personality and actions, as opposed to their gender.  But that didn’t stop me from deciding to find out the gender of our fetus baby.  My baby.  I’m planning on carrying my pregnancy to term, it’s a wanted and planned pregnancy, […]