Your Emergency Contraception Might Not Work. Here’s the Real Reason.

The European manufacturer of NorLevo, an emergency contraceptive pill that’s identical to many of the most popular morning-after pills sold in the US, announced that they’ll be changing their packaging to warn consumers that it may not work for some overweight and obese women. The FDA has announced that they’ll review the data and decide whether […]


Maybe This Time

Dear Person Who Just Had to Know: “So you can have children, but you just didn’t want to?”

You Complete Me Internet

Dispatches from Ladyblogland Have a Biological Clock

I promise there is a picture of a cat at the end of this post.


News Appetizers: Frustrations with The Man Edition

On this Friday afternoon – whether you’re lamenting the cost of putting gas in your car, or maybe you’ve received new work wardrobe requirements, and you know, orange MusicTown aprons really don’t suit you – there’s just one thing to do…


Science News: 8/28/12

Wow, science has been busy the last couple weeks! (Serves me right for taking a week off.) We’ll say farewell to Neil Armstrong, catch up on Curiosity’s latest activities, check out a new species of owl that’s just begging to be turned into a meme, watch some cool videos, and get updated on the latest […]


Ms. Vagina Science’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Fertility Awareness

So, you want to understand your fertility! Good for you! Maybe you just want to know how it works, or maybe you want to practice the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). Either way, I’m here to help you get started.