Spying on the Midweek News

It’s only Wednesday and a lot has happened in the world. Well, a lot is always happening in the world. Just think about it, while you’re arguing with your coworkers about where to go for lunch, someone else is making a major arrest or unccovering a sinister plot.

Just for Fun

Helpful Suggestions for Bernie Sanders’ Next Filibuster

While Sanders’ 9-hour effort to explain things like the wage gap and estate tax to a bunch of stodgy, hostile Senators was heroic, we can all agree that his speech was dryer than bread left out overnight to make stuffing. And I know if I were subjected to 9 hours of rambling about the deficit, […]


DADT: What to Expect in the Lame Duck Session

Today, Congress reconvenes for the lame duck session, and boy, do the Democrats have a lot of turkey on their plate! By “turkey,” I mean bills they either a) were unable to pass because of Republican filibustering or b) didn’t even attempt to pass because they knew the Republicans would filibuster them.