Those Three Little Words

The women of my family have a problem with those three little words.  I know we’re not alone, lots of people don’t like to say it.  Maybe we don’t want to open ourselves up to criticism, maybe we don’t want to look foolish.  Whatever the reason, the women in my family, myself included, can not […]


See SuperMario 64 Beat in Five Minutes

Okay, not really beat, old dude cheated all over the place.  Still an impressive display, it’s like five minutes of 1988.

Public Service

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, What Did We Do to the Place?

Hello! I can see lots of people have hopped in to the buddypress features and started playing, that’s fantastic and probably the fastest way to learn how everything works and how to use it.  We’re all still learning, too (I just found a new thing five minutes ago) so we will figure out how to […]