30 Years of Music: 2008

2008 was a pretty outstanding year for music, filled with a lot of my old favorites and also debuts from musicians with which I fell in love. Get your singalong voice ready, for it is time to attend Rock ‘n Roll Church.

Pop Culture

10 Things That I Can’t Believe Are Actually a Thing

1. Bagel Heads. So, apparently, there are people in Asia who will pay someone to poke them in the forehead with a needle full of saline, which results in a big puffy blob on the forehead, which is then formed into the shape of a bagel, naturally. What in the holy fudge?! This offends me […]

Open Thread

The Most Beautiful Open Thread In The Room

I was listening to a Fresh Air interview with Bret McKenzie the other day and I remembered how much I like Flight of the Conchords. They have made a reemergence on my iTunes and I am passing the joy on to you!