Expat Ramblings: Watching The English, Part 2

I’m so glad I came across Kate Fox’s book – being able to formulate and understand rules helps me a lot generally, and in this case I can finally put some things into words that have vaguely puzzled me for a while now. Yes, many things about the English are weird. So finally making sense of […]

Open Thread

This Open Thread Has A Fever of A Hundred Point Three

Yes I know that the lyrics are “fever of a hundred and three” but my fever is a hundred point three and it’s my open thread dance party so I’ll change the lyrics if I want to. Enjoy a little ’80s flashback in our OT and feel free to tell me how sad you are […]


Foreign Like Me: Reflections on Being a Minority

It was midnight and I exited the car fuming mad, almost to the point of shaking, yelling swear words and fighting the urge to kick the tire. I slammed the door and our taxi sped away. Turning to my boyfriend, I said, “It’s just not fair! We are good, honest people! Why does this stuff […]


This time, the Danes are not happy

In my last post (here), I wrote about the new immigration rules in Denmark, and how they are keeping almost every foreigner from getting a permanent residence permission ““ even those who are married to Danes. So, how does the public react to it?