The Daily Goodie

TDG, 3/23, and Answers to Riddles

Good morning all!  I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling sassy today.  We have a day full of awesome scheduled and I’ve got “Mr. Sunshine” to look forward to tonight.  To kick things off, I have the answers to last night’s riddles as well as a Goodie that is the embodiment of stunningly weird […]

Tuesday Trivia

Trivia Tuesday: Riddle Me This

I’m feeling kind of old-school today.  Before we had bar trivia, before quiz shows made it into primetime, we had riddles. 


These Gloves Make My Fingers Smarter!

If you own a smart phone or you’ve tried using a touchscreen ATM with gloves on, you’ve probably noticed that, well, you can’t. Many touchscreens rely on your finger to complete a circuit to make it work. When you wear gloves, somehow, (magically), the screen knows it’s not your finger.