It’s Bisexual Awareness Week, Y’All

I first came out as bisexual in high school in a scary wasteland called Montana in 1999. Now, I wasn’t out to everybody, but enough people guessed I was queer of some sort I routinely got called the f word. I came out to more people as bisexual in high school than I did trans […]


Internet Rumor Mongering

Who even knows what to believe on the internet these days? Rumors spread quickly and with much fanfare on the internet, especially if it’s something we want to believe. We at P-Mag are doing our part to make sure that the internet is full of untruths and wishful thinking. Here are some rumors (and maybe […]


Friday News Bites: Tributes, Entertainment News, LGBT Issues + More

This week we’ve got tributes to the dearly departed, gun violence statistics, Freddie Mercury biopic news, and more. Let’s get right to it.


Happy Birthday, Freddie

When I logged on this morning for work, I saw several tributes to Freddie Mercury were peppering the interwebs. Today (September 5th) would have been his 65th birthday. Admittedly I had no idea until I read it online. Despite the fact that he’s one of my childhood heroes who I continue to love and admire […]