Veganism, Hold the Soy

Being vegan is easy for anyone with access to a modern supermarket. Being a healthy vegan takes a little more diligence. But then, being healthy takes diligence. One of the criticisms vegans receive is of being too heavily reliant on soy. Rather than view soy in vegan diets as a problem, I’ve seen it as […]


The Great Snack Debate: Fried Food Throwdown

Ah, March. The time when a young woman’s mind turns sweetly to thoughts of basketball. The air is electric with competition, the ground anticipates raining treys, and while young men lace up sneakers and dribble-drive with the best of them, I sink back in my couch with snacks.


Famous Last Words

When people are on the verge on leaving this world, they can be very insightful. However, their last words can also be ironic and funny. Let”™s look at some of the best