Get in My Belleh: Spanish Sandwiches

What’s good to pair with a winter soup? You’ve got it – a winter sandwich. And this sandwich is just the ticket. This is also from Mireille Guiliano’s French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook. Before you visit her website, I have to put up a trigger warning. The French Women Don’t Get Fat thing is from a mid-2000s […]


Deconstructing “Chic”: What Does Fashion’s Favorite Buzzword Really Mean?

A little French, a little ambiguous – “chic” is one word that fashion people love to throw around with abandon. But what the hell does it mean? And how do you get it? Let’s peel this sartorial mystery like an onion and get cooking.

Op Ed

The French Deception

Did you know that French women are all skinny? Also sexually liberated, elfin, mysterious and sophisticated? In Paris, Chanel is slang for generic and cheese is had at every meal. Okay, fine, that last one is kind of true, but the rest are bullshit.