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Lunchtime Poll: Current TV Crush

Who is currently setting your heart a-flutter on your screen?

LadyGhosts of TV Past

Two Questions About the West Wing: 3×07 “The Indians in the Lobby” and 3×08 “The Women of Qumar”

These are two of my favorite episodes from season three: “Indians in the Lobby” serves as season three’s Thanksgiving episode and “The Women of Qumar” made me fall even more in love with our goddess, Ms. CJ Cregg.

Women In Academia

Women in Academia: So You’ve Been Accepted to Grad School

Official graduate school acceptances are flying through the (e)mail like so many focused pigeons. If you spent your fall and winter honing your cover letter, resume, and essay, this is a particularly exhilarating and stressful time of year. After all, soon you will have to choose which program is right for you, if any. So […]

Just for Fun

What I Watched Last Night: Friday Night Lights

What I watched last night is what I’ve been watching nearly every night for the past month, Friday Night Lights on Netflix.


In Praise of Compelling TV Relationships; or Why I Love Friday Night Lights and You Should, Too

I was reading an article recently that quoted Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee. He was discussing the budding relationship between Kurt and Blaine, and stated, “It’s my job as showrunner to keep them apart as long as possible.”

A Womb of One's Own

A Womb of One’s Own

How to be friends with a pregnant woman: a primer.