Happy Endings And Even Better Beginnings

Greetings to all you lovely folks out in blog land. I wanted to do things a wee bit different this week, because a girl needs some goddamn beauty sleep every now and then, m’kay? Instead of our normal question and answer diddle, I wanted to post a happy testimonial in regards to our old sister […]

Public Service

You Can’t Take Us Anywhere, But You Can Ask Us Anything

Especially perceptive readers may have noticed a few new things in the menu bar, up there underneath the main header. We’re excited to share some new features and doo-dads with you (more are on the horizon!) but we’re breaking them out slowly. Tonight: the new writer directory and Ask Us!

The Frisky Feminist

Learn From Our Mistakes: Call for Submissions

In a sophomore health class where we both went to high school, there was some discussion about the effectiveness of learning about health in a classroom setting (or something along those lines; this was a decade ago), during which one girl spoke up, in that matter-of-fact, everybody-knows tone, that experience is the best teacher.