A Tale of Two Sharks

Scientists have been looking for answers to questions for hundreds, nay thousands, of years now. But, as is the nature of scientific inquiry, each question answered brings forth two new questions, like the mythological hydra. The sea is one of the most mysterious places on earth, what with its glassy surface hiding beasts, plants and […]


Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for dinner is this weird meal that straddles the boundary between “fun-time treat” and “food of despair.” I’m all for breakfast for dinner, since like Leslie Knope, I don’t understand why anyone would want to eat anything other than waffles, but I also recognize that breakfast for dinner is a sign that my life […]


Nature is One Gigantic Toilet

I can tell from the way you’re suspiciously eying the title of this post that you are concerned that I am an eccentric (probably true), nature-hating (totally false), scat-obsessed (nope nope nope) person who should probably have her keyboard taken away from her. But you don’t know my life. You have no idea what I’ve […]


Five Things I’ve Learned from Romance Novels

Romance novels are as mysterious and confounding as the emerald depths of our heroine’s eyes. Their pages overflow with sentimentality, romance, and ridiculous situations, much like bodices overflow with heaving bosoms. Throughout my adventures and dalliances with these books, I have learned these five things: