PoC News in America

The Fall TV hype machine is hitting a fever pitch, so this week’s news is filled with “leaked” pilots and extended previews.

This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny has a #SolidarityHashtag

Are you ready for some misogyny? Yeah, me neither. But if we must… read on for an update on the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, to see why Jezebel made my list of terrible people, and for a healthy dose of venting courtesy of our friends at Pajiba. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

Women In Academia

Women in Academia: So You’ve Been Accepted to Grad School

Official graduate school acceptances are flying through the (e)mail like so many focused pigeons. If you spent your fall and winter honing your cover letter, resume, and essay, this is a particularly exhilarating and stressful time of year. After all, soon you will have to choose which program is right for you, if any. So […]


Women in Academia: The Two Body Problem

The two body problem ““ it sounds like it’d be a physics problem, right? Something to do with gravitational pull between two planets or other celestial bodies is what I think of. But, as people in academia know, the two body problem refers to the problem of relationships between professional academics.