Nobody is Answering the Call to Civility

Whatever happened to polite discourse? Hell, what happened to somewhat rude yet not disturbing discourse? For a while now, progressives and even conservatives have been calling for civility in politics. A cursory glance over the day’s news can tell you that such a thing is now rare. You can easily see it in every political campaign, […]


PERSEPHONE EXCLUSIVE: Oprah’s Political Picks for 2016 and Beyond

As we all know, Oprah was single-handedly responsible for choosing our nation’s leader: Barack Obama. Between healthcare reform, overturning DADT, appointing the first-ever Chief Technology Officer, and establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, I think we can all agree that the POTUS has done a bang-up job so far.


Bad News: Explaining Current Events to A Kindergartener

I think we can all agree that 2011 has already seen many incredibly shitty things happen in the world. Early in the year, we saw Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords targeted in a mass shooting in which six other people were killed. In the last few weeks, people have been killed in droves in Libya, and Japan […]


Arizona Shooting: Collected News

I’m sure about one million words have been written already on the horrific shooting in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday.  Sixteen people are injured and six have died, including Federal Judge John M. Roll and 9 year old recently elected student council member Christina Green.