Gift Guide

50 Pretty Good Father’s Day Gifts For $50 or Less!

Although every family is different, lots of people have trouble thinking of things to get for dads. Most of them don’t accessorize much or make boards of stuff they like on Pinterest. That’s why magazines and other blogs do lists like this, but lots of the suggestions on them strike me as impractical, and many are […]


News Appetizers: Mmm. Delicious!

Happy Easter Monday! That’s a thing, right? A day of crashing after all that chocolate on Sunday? The news is depressing to fit with the sugar-crashing. Thematic!


Kitchen Splurges For When You Can Splurge

So you like to cook, but unlike Julia Child, you haven’t bought every kitchen gadget ever made. And walking into Williams-Sonoma can be a little overwhelming. There are so many potentially useful gadgets! I mean – ebelskiver pans! Garlic zooms! Storm Trooper spatulas! (Okay, I totally bought that last one.) But for those of you (I’m guessing […]


I Love My Kindle

I placed an order for a Kindle immediately after Amazon announced the price was being lowered (to $139 Wifi and $189 Wifi plus 3G). Traveling is a huge part of my job and I spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in uncomfortable airport chairs, dirty taxi cabs, and lonely hotel rooms. I’m a fast […]