Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: Make it Rainbow!

June is national Gay Pride month, and this fabulous unicorn is excited!


News Appetizers: Ask for extra sauce to help the medicine go down

In case you are one of those TL;DR kind of people, here’s a quick summary: Trayvon Martin’s case is continuing to get people talking but so far not much more; things are terrible in the world, especially in Syria, at funerals, and for Susan Powell; some basketball happened; people won a crapton of money; the Republican primary […]


NY Marriage Vote Approaches Amid Gay Pride Celebrations

Over the weekend, I enjoyed two Brooklyn Pride parties and joined Babeland to march in the Brooklyn Pride Parade. This month is Gay Pride Month in NYC, with the big 2011 NYC Gay Pride March taking place in Manhattan  on Sunday the 26th.  While all of these parties and festivities are always  exciting and much anticipated, […]