Book Review: Sexy Sailors edited by Neil Plakcy

Oh, lovely men of the water! Not that I have anything against the Navy, but what a relief to see that Neil Plakcy’s edited collection Sexy Sailors did not solely focus on gay men who were involved in military service. Military-themed erotica is a whole other people-in-uniform subset that one often sees in collections, but […]


I Want to Marry You: Marriage Equality and the Question of Faith, Part II

I love weddings. All the excitement, hope, love, beauty, romance. The expectations and plans for the future. Two people coming together, building something strong, creating a bond, which will carry them through the years and the unforeseen things those years may bring to them.


Will the Twitter Machine Seal the Deal for Marriage Equality in NY?

Throughout the day I’ve actively refreshed #NY4M on Twitter for updates on the status of the highly-anticipated vote.  A few hours ago Politico reported that undecided senator Greg Ball, potentially the vote to tip the scales in favor of passing marriage equality in NY, is asking Twitter and Facebook followers for an opinion on whether he should vote in support […]


Three Cheers for Intersectionality From a Feminist Vegan Lesbian

After spending most of my activist energy promoting animal rights issues as a teen and into my early twenties, I was ready for some new perspectives.  I looked to expand my knowledge of broader political theory including Marxist, feminist and queer theories.  As a feminist schooled this generation, intersectionality now plays a big part in […]