News in Africa: 12/06/2012

It’s another week, and Africa’s been hopping. From conflict development to genomes to billionaires, there’s a bunch to cover, so let’s dive right in, shall we?

Op Ed

Takedown: Gender Equality is a Joke

You know what’s always funny? Jokes about feminists. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh wait, that’s called a lack of creativity and being a lazy comedian. You know, low-hanging fruit. It’s not funny because it’s clever, but rather it’s “funny” because”¦ well, it’s not funny. See also: I do not turn off my feminism.


Rick Santorum May Be Our Friend

I am, by birth, a political junkie and, I suspect that once the dust clears and the Republicans have settled on their candidate I will begin to pay closer attention to what the candidates are saying. That said, it is not possible to ignore some of the more glaringly obvious nitwiticisms that have been spoken […]

You Complete Me Internet

You Complete Me, Internet: 10 Things to See and Do While Riding the Intertubes This Week

Oh, intertubes, filled with wonderment, glitter and memes. What did we do before we had you? Aside from go outside more, that is. If you’re stuck in your office, or in your home with a few minutes to kill, take a trip down this list of interesting crap other people are doing in the introwebs.


Unpacking Feminism’s Backpack

As a note, I will be using “we” in this essay. It’s difficult because “we” is not easily defined and I am not an authority. “We” will always be more complex than words can cover. “We” always lacks in various representation and “we” does not always cover “we.” I will use it in reference to […]


Voces de Cambio

Earlier this week Chally made a post on Feministe about Voces de Cambio, a Guatemalan all-girls after school program that gives girls a voice through writing and photography. According to Feministe, it is the only all girls after school program in the entire country! The twice a week, fifteen week program encourages girls to ask […]