Classic Woman-centric Movie Review: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

Hello, Persephoneers! I hope you had fun this Halloween and aren’t too hungover from all of that leftover Halloween candy. We’re going to round out the 31 Days of Halloween with the classic film The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, released in 1947. It’s based on the novel by R. A. Dick and stars Gene Tierney, […]

A Gothic Novel Come True: “Dragonwyck”

Happy early three-day weekend, Persephoneers! This week, we’re going to kick off the unofficial summer with a movie that’s based on a book that’s perfect for summer reading, or for watching during those severe summer thunderstorms. This week’s pick is “Dragonwyck,” made in 1946 and based on Anya Seton’s novel of the same name.

Not So Film Noir: “Laura”

“Murder is my favorite crime, and I write about it regularly.” This biting quip perfectly captures the essence of Otto Preminger’s 1944 film Laura, a murder mystery based on Vera Caspary’s novel. So begins detective Mark McPherson’s investigation into the murder of young Laura Hunt, and the more questions he asks, the more he discovers […]