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LTP 7/1: Milestones (Sort of)

We celebrate a lot of milestones in our lives; births, graduations, marriages and the like.  However, there are a lot of little milestones that Hallmark doesn’t make a card for.  I’m talking about the funky life changes that sneak up on you, the ones that leave you feeling like you want to tell someone, even […]


Getting Older Doesn’t Suck

I am a huge fan of, because they serve up a tasty blend of both knowledge and serious funny.  I respect this business model.  Recently, they offered up a piece called 5 Reasons Life Gets Better After 30, by a sassy fella named Gladstone.  Inspired, I thought I’d take a spin at a similar […]


Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go RIGHT NOW

Apparently, I’ve reached an age where all health issues I develop somehow develop below the belt. Why my ladybits are protesting, I don’t really know. My ailments are life-threatening, but they are annoying and they are life-altering. During Persephone Magazine’s launch, I shared the details of my Ablation Vacation. This winter, apparently, will be known […]