News in Africa: 1/31/2013 (The Article Where I Talk a Lot About Women)

African women have been in the news a lot lately, whether it be women succeeding in various fields or a call for better education and protections for women. It seems only fitting to focus on these various stories for this week’s article. More details after the jump.

Being a TCK: Privilege

It wasn’t until I recently hung out with some fellow TCKs that I realized that this topic, although very uncomfortable to discuss, ought to be brought up. As much as TCKs can relate to the cultures in which they grow up – the ones that aren’t their “home” cultures – that does not make them […]

Being a TCK: “Saudade”

Saudade is a unique Portuguese word with no immediate translation into English. It describes an emotional state of longing or deep nostalgia for something or someone that is not immediately present or may even be unattainable. Tied up in this is the idea that there can be no thorough resolution of this state, that the […]