Interview with a Ghostwriter: Sari Botton

Ghostwriting often seems like one of those jobs that we logically know exists – celebrity memoir assistance perhaps being its most recognizable form – but we might not often give too much thought to the ghostwriters themselves. Are they only ghostwriters or do they have personal writing projects? Do they want to yell at their […]

Pop Culture

I Read Sweet Valley Confidential So You Won’t Have To

Like a lot of you, I read a lot as a kid. By the time I was in junior high school, I was devouring novels intended for adults, but before I hit the big leagues I cut my teeth on Sweet Valley High.


We Try It – Confessions of a Prairie Bitch

I am not normally a fan of dishy tell-all books.  I do, however, have a huge soft spot for books by former child stars.  I ate up Tori Spelling’s first book a few summers ago like it was made of fluffernutter sandwiches.  Mommy Dearest may well have changed my life when I was 12.  (The […]