Friday News Bites: Feminist Lawmaking, Iowa Caucuses, Olympic Athlete Firsts + More

Happy Friday, everyone. We’re catching up on two weeks’ worth of news stories today, so let’s get started, and you can get a nice, shiny sense of somewhat informed accomplishment.


The Delight in Reading Lists and Challenges: 20 Suggestions

Reading challenges get us out of our comfort zones. Whether we’re trying to expand what genres we read, catch up on classics, or just plain read┬ámore,┬áthese lists and challenges are a great way to reconsider our reading habits.

LadyGhosts of TV Past

What I Watched Last Night: Bleak House, Episode 2

See, it is totally possible for me to write for this section and not talk about Doctor Who. I have diverse interests, man. There’s no one trick pony-ness here! Just because I am obsessive about a handful of things doesn’t mean… Oh, what’s that? This is also a BBC series with actors from other things […]