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Awkwardette’s Ill-Advised Guide to Getting it On: The OkCupid Paradox

Have I told you lately how I fucking hate OkCupid? Hate it the way you hate a sibling when you’re eight years old, and they keep tattling on you and getting you into all this trouble and then the second your mom turns around they sock you in the arm, but like, when you say […]


When Your Guy Friend Becomes Your Girl Friend

I consider myself an open-minded person, someone who is pretty well versed in the myriad definitions of gender, and do my best to be non-judgmental. No amount of theory, however, truly prepares you for the first time a person you have known your whole life as a man tells you they will now be living […]

The Daily Goodie

Daily Goodie: 2/8

I’ve got mimosa on my mind today — girlfriends are coming over to brunch today to celebrate our surviving four days of no school due to weather. Phew.