Friday News Bites: Syrian Refugees, Oliver Sacks + More

Greetings, one and all. Quick roundup of news stories this Friday, though I invite you all (as usual) to share anything interesting that has crossed your path.


How To Be An Ally When It’s Not Spirit Day

Hello, I’m Selena and I’m straight.   I know the world looks different to people who aren’t, and I can’t begin to understand.  I can listen, I can be aware of my own words and actions and I can try to be an ally.   It’s easy to be an ally today with a few clicks and […]

Public Service

It’s GLAAD Spirit Day!

Happy Wednesday and happy Spirit Day! We’re wearing purple to show our support for bringing an end to bullying GLBT kids and teens.  All our posts will be wearing purple icons and images  and we’ll be linking to other blog posts and news stories celebrating spirit day.