Open Thread

Slow Dance With Someone Cute in this Open Thread

I’ve been thinking a lot about my college years recently, and how I met our beloved Sally J. (We were wearing the same Cure T-shirt on the first day of orientation.) We’ve been great friends ever since.  

LadyGhosts of TV Past

Lady Ghosts of TV Past: The West Wing, Episode 2.10: “Noel”

I stole this week’s West Wing recap from Sally J., because “Noël” is probably my favorite episode of the series. Not for the plot, “Two Cathedrals,” which is coming up in a few weeks, wins for best plot. “Noël” is my favorite episode because of one fifteen-second monologue from Leo to Josh. I cry every […]

Op Ed

Why We Stay Silent

Every one of us has one. A reason we don’t talk about what happened to us. That perfectly phrased question that could shatter our reconstructed lives.


This time, the Danes are not happy

In my last post (here), I wrote about the new immigration rules in Denmark, and how they are keeping almost every foreigner from getting a permanent residence permission ““ even those who are married to Danes. So, how does the public react to it?