Why “Kung Fu Panda” Rules: A Movie Review

I still remember when the promos for the movie Kung Fu Panda came out. I was sitting in the movie theater with my parents, probably a year before the release. I was around thirteen years old and was just hitting my stride of jaded teenager who snorted at the thought of seeing anything goofy or […]


Olive Oil and Me: A Love Story

I’ve always loved olive oil. I’m half Italian; it kind of comes with the territory. I grew up used to it being in pasta sauces, drizzled on dishes, and placed in nice glass bottles on the table to be used for dipping bread.


The Values of Vaporizing:Why It Is Awesome

So, now that you’ve got yourself some weed, you will want to partake of that shit. You have a few options for ways to get that good stuff in you. What’s a lady to do? Well, speaking as someone who has been smoking since I was introduced to it at my hippie mountain town college […]

Public Service

It’s Friday Night and We’re Out!

Thanks to all the readers and writers who make this place so much fun to run on the hamster wheel under.  We’re calling it quits a little early today, but feel free to poke around and read any articles you might have missed this week, or go digging through the archives if you’re new to […]

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll 11/9

Good afternoon, readers! I hope everyone’s Tuesday is rolling along smoothly.  We’ve been a bit harried on our end, but hopefully by the time you read this we’re back on schedule and bringing you the good stuff in a timely manner.