Education in America

I am NOT overpaid!

Recently, while procrastinating on the internets (my favorite pastime), I ran across this piece of satirical math and it got me thinking about teachers’ salaries.  The author suggests that by paying them as babysitters, teachers would in fact earn more money than they do now.  This fascinated me because of how often we teachers are treated […]


I turn my camera off

I used to roll my eyes at the women who would giggle and scream and put their hands in front of their faces whenever anyone brought out a camera at any type of gathering.  That was before yesterday when I fell on my FACE on my way to a get-together.  I arrived scraped, bruised, and […]


RLP Crosspost: “is a lifestyle choice”

This week’s entry from our friend RedLightPolitics is an older one, but I thought it fit in nicely with Spirit Day.  Don’t forget to read more of her writing at her Tumblr – today it’s PurpleLightPolitics!, and yes I’m going to tell you to go every week.  The more we read smart women writers, the […]

Public Service

We Heart Our Readers

Wrapping up day two of Persephone, I’m struck by several things.  1.  I have a ton of respect for people who do this for a living and 2. Our readers rock my world.   As of 4:30 this morning, when your editor started her day, Google Analytics clocked 600+ unique visitors.