WIC Up My Sleeve: How it Feels to Use Government Assistance

My palms start to sweat before I even get in line. I choose my checkout carefully, trying to find a cashier who looks quick and sympathetic. Ideally, I would be able to suss out the other customers in line, but I can’t figure out who will be behind me until I’ve already chosen. My palms are […]

Op Ed

Put Me in Charge

The following is a status update that has been floating around the internets, attributed to a Texan letter to the editor. People are copying and pasting it and vomiting it out as though it were their own, and other people are cheering it on:


RLP Crosspost: “is a lifestyle choice”

This week’s entry from our friend RedLightPolitics is an older one, but I thought it fit in nicely with Spirit Day.  Don’t forget to read more of her writing at her Tumblr – today it’s PurpleLightPolitics!, and yes I’m going to tell you to go every week.  The more we read smart women writers, the […]