Dry Wit: Come On, Get Hard-Assed

So, this last week, a friend-of-a-friend contacted me because she’d been following the progress of my sobriety both here and on my personal blog, and she had a problem: a person close to her had just revealed to her that he suspects he has a drinking problem, and she wanted advice about how best to […]


Learning by Looking: Infographics to increase your chances on Jeopardy

Luci posted the Alex Trebek special for the daily goodie this morning because she knows it’s my secret life wish to be a Jeopardy champion.  Also, I had a dream recently where I was playing Jeopardy against other ladybloggers while naked.   I was naked, everyone else, including Trebek, was clothed.

Op Ed

Michael Moore on Voting in Spite of Disillusionment

I enjoy Michael Moore in the way I enjoy Bill Maher, with a big old grain of salt.  As a moderate liberal lady, I do agree with the letter he sent today encouraging even the most disillusioned Dems to get out and do something anyway.  The news has been rich with stories of Dems not […]