New Study Looks at Variation in Medicaid Spending Across States

In recent years, the narrative surrounding all manner of policy issues in American political debate has often boiled down to how much money the government is (or should) be spending on social or other programs. Nowhere has this been truer than when it comes to health care.

Op Ed

On Marriage and the Role of Government

Yesterday, I came across this NYT blog piece about the change in support for and opposition to marriage equality over time. And last week, a new Sienna poll was released suggesting enormous support for marriage equality across all of New York state.


Learning by Looking: Infographics to increase your chances on Jeopardy

Luci posted the Alex Trebek special for the daily goodie this morning because she knows it’s my secret life wish to be a Jeopardy champion.  Also, I had a dream recently where I was playing Jeopardy against other ladybloggers while naked.   I was naked, everyone else, including Trebek, was clothed.