Just for Fun

FMK: Music Edition

It’s time to play fuck, marry, or kill! But instead of celebrities or characters, we’re going to have to choose between songs with the same name or theme. 

Ask UfYH

Ask UfYH: Sticky Dust and Fruit Flies From Hell

Q: I have an issue with sticky dust. The dust that settles in my house is gummy and gross and almost impossible to get rid of. (I live in Los Angeles – is it a regional problem? Something to do with smog?) What can I do to prevent it, and how can I clean things that […]


P-Mag Nostalgia Project: 1978 with MJ

I turned 13 in July, 1978. I was headed into eighth grade in a small middle school in a small town in Kentucky. The country’s economy was bad and our little town was hit hard: well-paying jobs in the coal mines and the few factories we had disappeared and there weren’t any new industries to […]