We Try It! Going Deeper Down The “No-Poo” Rabbit Hole With Water-Only Washing

Remember two weeks ago, when I wrote this post about “no-poo?” Those were the days, huh? The salad days, if you will. The apple cider vinaigrette hair wash salad days, if you will. A lot can change in 2 weeks, let me tell you. Back when I wrote that post, I was really just dabbling […]

Adventures In Body Acceptance: Letting Go Of The “Have To”s

I have a confession to make. In the last few weeks, I’ve only shampooed my hair once (and that was actually kind of an accident). Some of you are probably thinking, “That’s gross!” Some of you are probably thinking, “I’ve been there.” And some of you are thinking, didn’t I just read about this last […]

We Try It! Going “No-Poo”

Despite the name, going “no-poo” has nothing to do with intentional constipation. The idea of going no-poo had been a mere minor notation on the vast “I should try that” list that is ever expanding in my brain.  It all started when I read this The Beheld post about her experience with water-only washing.  I […]

Might As Well Face It: You’re Addicted to Lotion

A year or two ago, I recall seeing a spike in discussions about shampoo addiction around the blogosphere. Testimonials from people, mostly women, who broke the cycle made the rest of us wonder if we could do it, too: power through the few weeks of horrible, greasy hair to come out the other side with […]