Earth Day!

Earth Day was yesterday, but the Earth is a pretty important piece of rock, so I figure it can get more than one day. Heck, the Earth deserves to get at least a week. Unfortunately, I’m not Queen of the World (side note: if you’re interested in helping with my grassroots campaign, please send your […]


Shower Power

Living in the greater Seattle area, I cannot help but be affected by the green movement. After all, we’re a bunch of rain-soaked, granola-munching, espresso-swigging, fixie-riding hippies, amirite? Any product or service has a green alternative (trust me), and it seems that I can’t watch the news or open a magazine without green ideas/jobs/locations/tips jumping

We try it!

How to Make Magazine Wine Bags

Recently I’ve discovered several tutorials on how to make gift bags out of newspaper. I thought these bags would be a perfect way for me to waste my summer nights as the holiday season approaches. I’ve always been a big fan of recycling and buying bags or notebooks made out of recycled materials, so the […]

Open Thread

Visual Greenery and Open Thread

Good evening, everyone. I thought the theme for tonight’s last post should showcase my favorite color: green. There’s no real reason for it. I just wanted to share some pretty pretty pictures to get your juices flowing.