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Positivity Challenge Week 16: Finding Your Positivity Mentors

Can you believe we’re a third of the way through the year already? I hope everyone who’s been following this challenge has seen some changes in the way they think about and react to things so far. As I say at the end of every post, I don’t expect that every post will be super-relevant […]

We try it!

We Try It: The Happiness Project

When I first picked up Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project at the library, I had a vision of recreating my own Happiness Project. Every month I would pick different goals (or resolutions as she calls them). Turns out it’s easier to fantasize about that when you’re reading Rubin’s book then it is to actually pull […]

Lunchtime Poll

LTP: 4/20 – Happiness Project

I am heading to the library today to pick up a copy of The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, which I will be reading and discussing here at some point in the next week or so.  So, I’ve been thinking about happiness and what I expect to encounter while reading this book.  And that leads […]