Going To The Gyno: An Introduction

I visited the gynecologist this morning, like I have done many times before, but for some reason on this visit I was reminded of my very first trip, and how far I’ve come since then in being able to achieve comfort in the gyn’s office ““ even with my feet held high and wide by […]

A Womb of One's Own

A Womb of One’s Own: Practical vs. Political

Everything women do with their bodies is politicized, and one of the most discussed, dissected, and judged acts we may choose to participate in is that of birth.  While society may pay lip service to the idea that the only important part of the birth process is ending with a happy and healthy mother and […]

The Frisky Feminist

“Why Can’t We Have Sex?”

We want to preface our response to this question with the reminder that neither of us are medical professionals of any kind. All of our ideas should be taken as suggestions of things to read more about on your own and/or to bring up to your doctor rather than actual diagnoses.