Major Changes Hit Yemen

It’s hard to pinpoint the decisive moment when a burgeoning revolution goes from “possibility” to “inevitable.” However, if we look at Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya we see that it was in the moments that the army decided not to attack its fellow citizens that the tides really began to turn. Today, in Yemen, something equally […]


Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars Episode 10

A Weevil-centric episode! My faaaavorite! <3 What antics has Weevil gotten into this time?  Oh, just a high stakes (in my opinion) poker game with Logan, Duncan and a couple other 09er-bots.  Say wha-?  The episode starts off with Weevil totally kicking the ass of the HAL 09ers that he’s playing with and winning the […]

LadyGhosts of TV Past

LadyGhosts – Veronica Mars, Episode 9

Veronica, puking out the side of her car, upon realization that if Jake Kane is her father than her ex-boyfriend is her half-brother.  How’s that for a compelling show opener?  Too bad the Mystery of the Week this week isn’t as provocative.  And even the Lilly Kane/Who’s Your Daddy mystery is a little slow-burning in […]