Mental Illness

Caregiving: A Ready-Made Christmas

The idea of a Christmas made up of beautiful homemade gifts, cards, decorations, and food is so enticing. Social networks are covered in ideas shared and tried. It is the season for giving, and the thought that counts seems to count more when the gifts are handmade. Banquets big and small ought to be labours […]

Persephone Birthday

Birthday Giveaway: Found Object Necklace

I love upcycled jewelry. There’s something about the mystery of found and recycled objects that make them one of a kind.


Book Review: Indie Publishing: How To Design and Produce Your Own Book, edited by Ellen Lupton

I’m one of those people who enjoy office supply stores, the sort who saves little scraps of paper and cards with interesting drawings/photos, and also the type to wish I had more crafty skillz than I actually do. I have a weakness for oddball notebooks, journals, and excellent pens. I write a lot–fiction, memoir, reviews […]

The Daily Goodie

Daily Goodie: Holiday Papercraft

Good morning! So glad to see on this Tuesday morning.  I was going to try to snap a picture of the eclipse, but it is snowing like bananas here and the sky wasn’t clear enough to see anything.  Boo!  NASA should have some great pics up today, as well as the rest of the web, […]