Morbid Curiosity

Morbid Curiosity: Beer and Milk Soup

So, a little owl told me that there was a big movie event this weekend. Henry Porter and the Deadly Whatever? It was something along those lines. [Brief narrative pause while everyone casts curses and hexes in my direction.]


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2: A Quick, Painless, Spoiler-Free Review

One of the big upsides of living in The Netherlands: we’re among one of the first countries to screen the Harry Potter films. It was no different with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, which I saw at the midnight premiere in The Hague Tuesday night. Curious about what it was like? Just […]


Tina Fey is a “Bossypants”

Read as an autobiography or memoir, Bossypants probably isn”™t very compelling. Read as a book of humorous essays, however, it becomes a book that you only put down so that you can go grab your husband or coworker from the other room and make them listen to you read entire pages aloud, knowing full well that you can never impart in your voice exactly why it”™s so damn funny to you.

7 Questions

7 Questions for Witty Gentlemen: Subjects D & E

Today, and today only, we are running a two-for-one special on witty gentlemen.  These two gentlemen are business partners and close friends.  Trying to corner them one at a time, in hopes of getting answers uninfluenced by the other, proved to be impossible.  We will call them Thing One and Thing Two to avoid confusion.

Pop Culture

Expecto Patronum!

I’ve been working my way through the Harry Potter books and movies in preparation for this week’s release of Part I of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. On this weekend’s agenda were the third and fourth film. Partway through Prisoner of Azkaban, I started to think about the memories I might choose to cast […]