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Project Runway All Stars 2.11, “Like A Straight Man At A Ball Game”

It’s not Project Runway without a haute couture challenge, whether or not the end results are actually haute couture. 

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10 Things That I Can’t Believe Are Actually a Thing

1. Bagel Heads. So, apparently, there are people in Asia who will pay someone to poke them in the forehead with a needle full of saline, which results in a big puffy blob on the forehead, which is then formed into the shape of a bagel, naturally. What in the holy fudge?! This offends me […]


What do you think of that lady’s outfit, over there?

One of the things I do to pass the time while traveling around the city is scrutinize the outfits of the passersby, and imagine how I would modify the outfits if I were to wear them myself. I don’t do this to be judgmental, my goal is not to criticize their outfits (though I would […]