Decisions, Decisions: Women Running for Public Office

Yesterday, the Huffington Post published a thorough and interesting article about the state of women in the US Senate and the disparity between the Republican and Democratic Parties in tapping female candidates. The whole thing is worth a read, especially the slideshow at the end featuring the thirteen women running for Senate next year. But […]



My neck craned as I watched a flock of blue graduation caps take to the skies like bluejays darting towards the heavens.


Childfree to Be Oprah and Me

I was hoping to have my first childfree column under our new ownership be an interview with the woman herself, but apparently there’s a whole process involved with getting an interview with her, so I’ve filled out the paperwork and am hoping to have an answer from one of her assistants in the next 2-4 […]

Pop Culture

Before the Mommybloggers, We Had Roseanne

A while ago Mr. Larue and I were discussing a certain Twitter/Tumblr-er who is reportedly writing a TV pilot. Mr. L was going about how unique she is because she was able to translate her experience as a mother into a comedy writing career. “It’s unheard of!” he gushed. “Name one other obscure housewife who has been […]


I Traded my Biological Clock for an XBox: Understanding the Childfree

We’re going to start this one with a statement of fact: not everyone wants to have children. If this fact confuses you or causes you great moral outrage, proceed with caution. It’s only going to get bumpier from here.