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On #MooreandMe, Pt. I: How the Rhetorical “Rape Card” Silences Women

On December 15, Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown launched #Mooreandme, the Twitter hashtag protest designed to call out progressive icon Michael Moore, and while Moore has since clarified his views and voiced an apology to Doyle, the #MooreandMe tag lives on. Jockeying over the legitimacy of the accusations against Assange has metastasized into wider debate […]


Anthroholics: How “Lifestyle Brands” Market to Women

Full disclosure: Anthropologie, their website, their catalog, their backlit models, their barfy animal designs, their faux-vintage everything, their impractical housewares, their head-scratch-inducing styling, their might-as-well-be-full-price sales, their transparent embrace of all things privileged and crusty-rich: it makes me swoon.