Good News Can Be Funny, Too

As a political humorist, I gravitate toward bad news and schadenfreude. This is hardly surprising since satirists are often inspired by idiotic comments, horrible laws, and ludicrous judicial decisions.

This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny and Other Assorted Bull

Oh kittens, it never stops. The good news is mostly short-lived, and people continue to be terrible. This week has been a rollercoaster in Texas and MRAs have stooped to a new low, but at least if you’re pregnant in Pennsylvania, strangers can’t randomly touch you anymore without risking a fine. Progress? (As usual, trigger […]


The Numbers Don’t Lie (Except When They Do)

They say the numbers don’t lie, but there are all kinds of ways to distort the truth using numbers that might even be technically correct. 


Gains and Losses: The Newest Assault On Birth Control

“All these years I’ve stayed at home, while you had all your fun. And every year that’s gone by, another baby’s come. There’s a gonna be some changes made, right here on nursery hill. You’ve set this chicken your last time, ’cause now I’ve got the Pill.” – Loretta Lynn, “The Pill”