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Kickstartable: My Days of Losing Words: a Photo Book of Chronic Migraine

This week’s featured Kickstarter project is one that so many people will relate to. Rachael Jablo is creating a photo book that chronicles her struggle with chronic migraine headaches.


When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Sexy

Q.┬áMy husband and I both have health issues going on that mean we’ve decided not to have sexual intercourse for the next few months. But now, apart from oral, we’re totally stuck as to how else we can enjoy sexy times. Do you have any suggestions for what else we can do?

The Frisky Feminist

The Case of the Vanishing Sex Drive

Q: I’ve been married for about a year now. I have always considered myself to be a fairly frisky person. I enjoy sex. I could easily have sex every day for months on end. But for some reason, about 3 months after moving in together, my libido has gone from overdrive to next-to-nothing.